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Oradea, Calea Aradului Nr 62. Magazin Lem’s.
+4 0259 419 599
+4 0259 419 599
+4 0728 988 388
Door to door
With this complete moving service you do not need to worry about anything. Our skilled movers will accommodate your moving needs with exceptional care.
Fragile and valuable items are packed piece by piece, choosing the most suitable packing material, assuring maximum care during each step of the process. Each box will have a sticker with its contents.
If you’d like, we can provide a quote for opening the boxes and arranging the items inside where they belong. | Details
Commercial/Corporate and Office moving
Whether local across town, across the city or across the nation, commercial moving is no problem for our team. We can optimize the moving time reducing the halt of your business productivity, guaranteeing full care and attention.
Useful tips
Write on the outside of each box what is contains. Make sure your writing appears on the right side of the box together with important warnings. For example if you have something fragile in the box, make sure it appears the word FRAGILE clearly written on the upper side of the box. Do not write anything on the side that will face downward. | Details
Moving Oradea
For more information please fill out your contact details. Contact
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